The Commonwealth of Virginia had faced significant number of auto accidents due to reckless driving in the last two decades. In response to such incidents, the Virginia Traffic Code has made the laws more severe. Today, the maximum punishment for reckless driving in VA first offense is $2,500 fine, 6 DMV points, six-month suspension of one’s driving rights, and 12 months in prison.

Although it is hard to believe, deliberately causing a vehicular accident is a good business for many people today, being one of the most common forms of scam nowadays. According to the FBI, this type of crime costs insurance companies around 20 million dollars a year, a figure that is then transferred to users. In other words, this type of crime, whether we like it or not, directly affects everyone’s pockets.

Reckless driving in VA first offense is a class 1 misdemeanor and the DMS points typically remain active on one’s record for eleven years. And if the carelessness of the driver results in a collision, it becomes a more complex legal case. The big problem with car accidents caused is that they are really difficult to detect, especially if we are not prepared to notice this type of situation. Pay a lot of attention! Next, we will give you some warning signs and methods of prevention to avoid being another victim of this type of scams.


DIRECT COLLISIONS: In general, it is when the other driver (the one who intentionally provokes the collision) performs directly and without warning the actions that result in a crash, resulting in more severe punishment than that of reckless driving in VA first offense. For example, during the traffic a vehicle is located in front of you and, during the advance, brakes untimely, causing that, unintentionally, your car collides against the back of the other vehicle. The following is an indignant driver throwing all the blame for the shock produced.

COLLISIONS BY INDUCTION: It is when the driver, who wishes to intentionally cause the accident, signs a pass or a preference for transit on the highway or vehicular crossings, after which he gets in your way, thus causing the collision. Of course, provoked the shock, he points out very angry as the only culprit of what happened.


The driver and potential passengers complain of severe body aches (head, back and neck) although the accident has been very mild. The version of the event becomes more dramatic and intense when the driver of the other vehicle and the passengers talk to the authorities or insurance representatives. Apparition of witnesses (although the place had initially been very lonely) who have seen everything, and narrate what happened in detail. Of course, the version of events does not favor you at all – it can even worsen your reckless driving in VA first offense consequences.


As we mentioned at the beginning, it is very difficult to realize the danger and anticipate the bad intentions of these type of scammers. However, there are some security measures that we can start implementing to prevent them from being involved in this type of situation.

Keep a distance between vehicles. You do not usually stick your vehicle to other vehicles on the road, neither behind nor on the sides. Keep a prudent distance of at least 2 or 3 meters ahead, this safe distance will give you enough space and time to react in time to a bad action from another driver.