Reckless driving is significantly common in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You must know that whether the charges of reckless driving VA first offense charge results from an accident or is based on excessive speeding, it is crime in the State. As per Virginia Traffic Laws, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor that carries the maximum penalty of $2500 fine, six (6) DMV points, driver’s license suspension for six months, and jail time for twelve months.

However, one must also know that when it comes to reckless driving VA first offense, chances are that the offense will not result in imprisonment; however, if a driver have committed the offense repeatedly or has a historical background of bad driving in general, the likelihood of the slavery due to jail sentences potentially increases.

Rain, an adverse weather factor for most drivers, is a constant cause of traffic accidents on the roads. It case also trigger reckless driving VA first offense. In such weather, one must maintain prudence and have corresponding forecasting measures. They become very necessary if you venture to hit the road in such storms. Here are some suggestions that you can consider and that can provide you with greater safety when driving.

  • AVOID EXCESSIVE SPEED: With rain, the roads become wet, full of mud and dirt and therefore very slippery. So if you go out to drive in the rain, always remember to avoid putting your foot on the accelerator excessively or in an unnecessary to avoid skidding or losing control of the vehicle in the first corner.
  • BEFORE LEAVING CHECK THE CONDITION OF YOUR TIRES:One of the actions that you should always have as a habitual measure of safety when driving is the revision and maintenance of your tires every so often, and in rainy storms with even greater reason. Check and make sure you have the correct pressure in your tires, the same one that is signaled by the vehicle manufacturer, and the depth of the drawing should not be less than 1.6 millimeters. Otherwise, it may result in reckless driving VA first offense.
  • IN THE EVENT OF A LOSS OF CONTROL OF THE VEHICLE, KEEP THE ADDRESS:If driving in the rain, inevitably we are involved in a situation of loss of control of the vehicle, try to keep the steering firm without trying to brake or correct or stop intense during the zone of low adhesion. Keep the direction without abruptness trying to control as much as possible the trajectory to avoid a greater evil.
  • MAINTAIN GOOD VISIBILITY, AND BE VISIBLE TO OTHERS:Other common actions such as safety measures when driving, is to check the condition of the wipers from time to time, make sure they keep the brushes optimally to have the greatest possible visibility during rain storms. In the same way, the good condition of the reflecting lights. Whether day or night, it is advisable to turn on the short-range lighting and the rear fog lamp if it rains intensely.
  • INCREASE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN VEHICLES: If you are going to drive in the rain, increase the safety distance with respect to other vehicles and decrease the speed when approaching crossings and intersections.